Museum of miniatures.

A statue on the nose of a mosquito and a portrait on a cherry bone.

There are only two microminiature museums in the world - in Kiev and in the dwarf mountain principality of Andorra. These works expand the well-established understanding of the boundaries of human capabilities. One of the most well-known exhibits is the smallest operating electric motor in the world - 1/20 mm3, this device is almost 20 times smaller than the poppy seed.

The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra opens its doors to tourists wishing to visit the Museum of Miniatures. Guests can enjoy the view of the ancient monastery, as well as see the author’s exhibits. There are only two similar museums in the world - one of them is in the kingdom of Andorra, and the second one has been proud of Kiev for many years.

The main exhibits of the museum of miniatures:

Rose in the hair. Inside it, along its length, a cavity is drilled and polished to transparency. Then a rose branch 0.05 mm thick is inserted inside.

A bas-relief portrait of the world-famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, which master artist Nikolay Syadristy was able to place on a 3x4 mm piece of cherry seed.

The smallest book ever existed - an illustrated 12-page Kobzar with poems by a great poet. Pages of the book are sewn with cobwebs, and the binding is made of immortelle petals. The size of the Kobzar is 0.6 mm.

“Parallel World” - on the nose of a mosquito made of gold, on a scale of one to one (length 6.5 mm), a girl sits, hiding behind an umbrella.

The product "Swallows", made in half poppy seeds. Swallows and chicks are also made of gold. The composition “Poetry” is also golden and is placed in the ear of a regular needle. The arrow and the string is 400 times thinner than a human hair.


Venue: Museum of Microminiatures, str. Lavra, 9, building 5, the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Chrysanthemum Ball - Queen of Autumn.

The annual autumn flower exhibition will open on the territory of the Pechersky Landscape Park "The Singing Field". The traditional chrysanthemum festival will open on October 5, 2018.

This year at the festival, flowers can be seen not only, but also heard. Each song will have music, amplifying the impression of the guests of the Singing Field from what they saw. Designers of 10 district communal enterprises for the maintenance of green spaces will turn chrysanthemums into bright notes that will be embodied in musical genres.
The guests will be surprised not only by the floral masterpieces - in the park there will be organized numerous recreation areas for adults and children, as well as the zone of family leisure. Festive program waiting is visitors , an open-air cinema, a flower fair and seedlings, a handmade alley and souvenirs, thematic photo zones and art installations.
The exhibition will last until October 28. Opening hours: 9:00 to 21:00, without days off.
Address: st. Lavrska, 33 (15 minutes from the metro station Arsenalna).


Hotel «Ukraine» - 57 years!

57 years ago, on September 28, 1961, the grand opening of the Hotel Ukraine was held. The first high-rise building in Kiev was built according to the project of the author's team of architects. The hotel was built in the central part of Kiev and is located on the historical territory.

In the first half of the 19th century, almost the entire hill on which the Hotel now stands occupied the farmstead of the architect Beretti. In 1912, this place was the first high-rise building in a one-story Kiev. On his own land lot, the famous Kiev construction contractor Lev Borisovich Ginzburg built an 11-storey house, which was immediately named among the residents of Kiev «Ginzburg's skyscraper» This house has 94 large apartments and shops on the first floor. In the depth of the plot there was a 2-storeyed residence of Lev Borisovich himself. The mansion and the «skyscraper» are not preserved. Together with the entire central part of the city, they were destroyed in September 1941 during the Great Patriotic War. In the post-war period, the restoration, or rather the creation of a new Khreshchatyk, began. In accordance with the building project, the street was expanded by almost 100 meters. At the same time, the construction of the street began with multi-storey residential and administrative buildings, among which the construction of the hotel was planned. In 1954, construction work began.

Since the opening, hundreds of thousands of guests have enjoyed the services of the Hotel. Influential politicians, outstanding sportsmen, famous businessmen, actors, cosmonauts, pop stars, diplomats, musicians and artists of Ukraine and foreign countries often stop here. To return to the hotel is a good sign, the more so, that they are always waiting and meeting guests in Ukrainian cordially and in European style.



World Tourism Day

Thanks to the Englishman Thomas Cook - the man who came up with tourism, for many generations of Europeans, and other inhabitants of the world, in 1841 a fascinating and necessarily comfortable journey began. Millions of people, whose life was traditionally confined to the walls of the house and several neighboring streets, he discovered the beauty and diversity of the vast world.

September 27, the feast of everyone who has once felt himself a traveler, getting out of everyday fuss on the bank of the river, into the forest, the field or to other places with which our land is so rich! And, of course, it is a holiday of those who are directly engaged in tourism business: employees of travel companies, museum workers, managers and staff of hotel complexes - everyone who professionally provides comfortable and safe rest.


Feast of Georgian wine and cuisine Kartuli Fest

Georgia is famous for its wines and cuisine. And to fully enjoy, as well as to feel the color of this country, it is not necessary to go so far. It is enough to visit the festival of Georgian wine and cuisine Kartuli Fest on September 15-16, which will take place on the picturesque slopes of the Singing Field in Kiev. The best Georgian dishes will be served by restaurateurs of Georgia and Ukraine, and they will be offered to taste the reference Georgian wines Kartuli Vazi.


The singing field (Lavrskaya Street, 33), the city of Kiev.
Date: September 15-16, 2018, from 11:00 to 00:00.

Country of the sun, high mountains, ancient legends, unique traditions, world famous cuisine and hospitable people. All this is about her - magic Georgia. To get acquainted with its culture it is possible on a festive Georgian feast at the Singing Field in Kiev.

The Kartuli Fest program:

1) Food courts of the best Ukrainian and Georgian restaurants.
2) Wine tasting of Georgian wines Kartuli Vazi.
3) Thematic workshops on cooking and traditional folk crafts.
4) A rich concert program - songs and dances of incendiary Georgians. Special guests of the festival are Mgzavrebi group.
5) Prizes and gifts from holiday partners.


Independence Day 2018

This year, Ukraine will celebrate the 27th anniversary of its Independence. On the occasion of this, more than three dozens of interesting events, concerts, art, sports and charity events will take place in Kiev. They will continue for a week - from 22 to 28 August. Solemn celebration will begin on August 23 with the raising of the national flag of Ukraine near the building of the Kyiv State Administration. Further - a lot of interesting events: the establishment of the record "The longest national flag of Ukraine", the motor holiday "Motor-Show 27 UA", the run in embroidered and sailing regatta, the festival of street food, on the day of the holiday (August 24) - concert of the band "The Ocean of Elsa."
Venue: all the streets of Kiev.
Dates: August 22-28, 2018.
Cost: free admission.


August 22-23 -film screenings of films "Stronger than Weapons", "Warriors of the Spirit" and "Mikhail Grushevsky" in theaters "Start", "Torch" and "Lira".

August 22-26 - an exhibition of modern models of weapons, military equipment and other material and technical means (Mikhailovskaya Square).

August 23:
  • Ceremony of solemn raising of the national flag near the building of KSCA and in the regions of Kiev;
  • Solemn presentation of passports to citizens of Ukraine for young men and women of the capital, who have achieved significant success in education, sport, art (36 Khreshchatyk Street);
  • Establishment of a national record "The longest state flag of Ukraine" (from Kharkov square to the intersection of Bazhana Avenue and Larissa Rudenko Street)
  • Motor holiday "Motor-Show 27 UA" (near the obelisk of the city-hero of Kiev, Victory Avenue). Will last until August 25.
24 August:
  • Divine services in the St. Sophia Cathedral of the National Reserve "Sophia of Kiev" and other churches in Kiev;
  • Ceremony of laying flowers at the monuments of Taras Shevchenko, Mikhail Grushevsky. In Memory of Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds on the Alley of Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds;
  • Laying flowers in the regions of Kiev to monuments, memorials, burial places of outstanding figures of the Ukrainian state, fighters for independence, dead participants of the Revolution of Virtue and the ATU;
  • Parade of troops "March of the new army" (Khreshchatyk Street, Independence Square) All-Ukrainian festival competition "You are in my heart, Ukraine" (Singing Field) festive event at the building of Kyiv City Council (36 Khreshchatyk Street);
  • Festival of ethnic communities "Mother of Ukraine - you are the one here!" Near the building of KGS (Khreshchatyk Volcano, 36); a concert of classical music "Classic Picnic" in the park named after Taras Shevchenko; street festival "The most card of dreams" (Khreshchatyk street, opposite the Proreznaya street)
  • Solemn events from the editorial office of the program "Breakfast with 1 + 1" on Mikhailovskaya Square; race in embroidered (Rusanovskaya embankment - Dnieper embankment)
  • Charity race "They run for the sake of children" (Sagaydachnogo street, 2 - Vladimirsky descent - a turn near the European square - Vladimirsky descent - Sagaidachnogo street, 2)
  • Festival of street food (Ivan Mazepa street)
  • Festival of the All-Ukrainian Center for Physical Health of the Population "Sport for All" (near the Friendship of Peoples Arch, Central Park of Culture and Recreation);
  • The SEREBROVA collection of the Spring / Summer 2019 season (a duplicate road on Basseynaya Street, 11-17, 16: 00-22: 00);
  • Concert of the group "Okean Elzy" at the NSC "Olimpiyskiy";
  • Festive events in the parks of culture and recreation "Victory", "Partisan Glory", "Hydropark", Central Park of Culture and Leisure;
  • Concert programs in regional cultural institutions with the participation of amateur art groups;
  • Regatta for sailing (the 6th berth of the Kiev river station)
  • Arts Festival on Andreevsky Spusk (until August 26);
  • "The Big Podolskaya Fair" Kiev Contracts "on Kontraktova Square (until August 26).

25-th of August:
  • Report concert of municipal creative groups "Artistic Pearls of Kiev" (summer stage "City Garden" in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation);
  • Championship of Ukraine on street-vorkautu (near the arch of Friendship of Peoples, Park of Culture and Rest).

August, 26th:
International Arts Festival "Dialogues of Cultures" (summer stage "City Garden" in the Park of Culture and Recreation); equestrian competition at the Kiev Hippodrome.

August 27-28 - photo exhibition "My Ukraine" in the National Historical and Architectural Museum "Kiev Fortress".

Amazing - Oceanarium

The main highlight of the extensive exposure of marine aquariums  an underwater tunnel, within which everyone can observe the life of the inhabitants of the deep sea and feel the emotion, previously available exclusively for divers.
Detsky Mir Center,

Jazz on the Beach - Summer Time

The coast of Trukhanova Island, warm sand underfoot, waves and live music.
Jazz on the beach is really summer concerts.

Atlas Weekend

The largest festival of Eastern Europe Atlas Weekend will last until July 8.
It scenes will feature more than 200 artists.

Grand Ukraine in the park "Ukraine in Miniature"

In the park "Ukraine in miniature" you will see the unforgettable palaces, mountains and castles of Western Ukraine, the fortress of Podillya and the monuments of Odessa, as well as all historical places of Kiev. Layouts are made at a scale of 1:33.