Kyiv Food and Wine Festival

From April 20-21, the 12th Kyiv Food and Wine Festival will be held at the Kiev Exhibition Center.

The theme of the upcoming 12th festival is cheese and wine, and within this classic concept you will find an extremely diverse and extensive cheese food court from the best local producers. However, the main thing at the festival, of course, will be wine.

The original photo zones and entertainment, music program and other activities still can’t distract you from the main: tasting and responsible wine consumption in combination with excellent cheeses. Each of you will find your perfect wine-cheese pair.


LP in Kyiv!

On April 14, an incredible LP will give a concert at the Palace of Sports! This is not the first visit of Laura Pergolizzi to the capital of Ukraine and every time the fans arrange her an incredible reception.
This time the performance will take place within the framework of the Heart To Mouth Tour, dedicated to the presentation of the new album! Video on the song Recovery new disc, can already be seen on the network. The video and track came out incredibly sensitive and beautiful. But even more fun ahead, soon we will have a live performance of the American singer. And it is just impossible to miss!

Mariinsky Park

Hotel Ukraine is an ideal place to explore the capital and local attractions.
One of them is the Mariinsky Park of A.G. Nedzelsky, which was founded in 1874 on the site of the palace square and the military plaza, where parades were held.
Mariinsky Park is located opposite the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Mariinsky Palace between the street of Mikhail Hrushevsky and Parkway Road. The park is 8.9 hectares, designed in a landscape style. The quiet, shady, with old limes, maples and chestnuts, it is a unique monument of park art of the past.

Epolets Concert

April 7, Epolets will arrange a brand rock disco in their native and beloved Kiev. As part of the tour, the band will perform all the main hits from all four albums: the first one of the same name of debut, “Dogma”, “Cult”, and “Children of the Sea”.

At the same time, all guests will have surprises from the group. One of them is a live presentation of a not yet named new song.
Concert will start at 19:00 in the club Atlas.
Sichovih Strilciv street, 37/41.


Lords of the Sound

April 5, 2019 at 19:00 in the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" symphony orchestra "Lords of the Sound" will repeat the most powerful and magical program "Music is Coming".

Remember your favorite movies and feel goosebumps all over your body.
Break the stereotype that classic music is boring and uninteresting.

Kyiv, B. Vasilkovska street, 103


Rock Symphony - the music that penetrates through!

March 16-17 in the Palace Ukraine - a grand show that has gathered on one stage a symphony orchestra, a choir and a rock band.

Here the world hits completed in a new way.

Rock Symphony is a monolithic work, in which each composition imperceptibly changes the previous one. Scenography and light design provide a unique perception of music, a sense of drama and the drive laid in it.

This is when 160 artists unite, creating a single sound field!

Concert in the format of the performance, where the viewer becomes a part of a colossal action, and an untransmitting atmosphere unites all! The masterful performance of your favorite hits in the new interpretation is complemented by incredible light and visual special effects. The emotions of each composition are aligned with the previous ones, changing the shades, and at the end of it sounds a swift virtuoso finale!

Rock Symphony is enjoyed by music audiences of all ages, women, and men, and this once again proves that true art to all and everyone.


Happy March 8!

We congratulate lovely, gentle, charming and truly beautiful women from March 8!
We wish fairy-tale mood, dizzying success, favorite hobbies, family stability, vivid impressions, happy smiles and many such magical days as this magnificent women's holiday - March 8th.
Let this spring day smile all around!

The exhibition of Chinese lanterns.

An exhibition of Chinese lanterns is opened in Kiev. Anyone can enjoy the oriental atmosphere, a variety of luminous installations and a fire-show until March 31.

The exhibition is open from 17:00 to 23:00.

«Dinamo» - «Olympiacos»

Match 1/16 finals of the UEFA Europa League season 2018/2019, “Dynamo” vs “Olympiakos”.
The game will be held at the Olympic NSC on Thursday, February 21, beginning at 22:00.

Notre Dame de Paris

7 soloists, whose voices have already conquered Ukraine. Grand Symphony Orchestra. Choir Rock band

In the artists, the viewer will be able to recognize the heroes of Victor Hugo’s novel “Notre-Dame de Paris”, the tragic and at the same time beautiful story of a gypsy woman and three absolutely differently in love men.
All legendary compositions are performed in French.

Concert will be held in Palace «Ukraine» from February 15 to 18.

Start at 19 pm.